Mindset Development for your Coaches

Mindset coaching is often something people turn to when things are going wrong. However, developing a resilient mindset before the problems arise, makes you and your coaches far more equipped to deal with the challenges that come your way.

Find out more about our coaching or see below if you want to explore a more structured approach for your club.

How can Mindset Development help your Coaches?


It can sometimes be difficult for coaches to cultivate their own identity and many will feel that they are defined by the success or failure of their athletes. It’s important for coaches to create their own identity, have their own purpose and their own definition of success.

A big part of this is self-belief and confidence; everyone suffers from a lack of self-belief or confidence from time to time. Everyone has those moments of self-doubt, especially as a young coach or when you are pushing the boundaries of your knowledge

Add in the increased media attention on coaches lately and even the most experienced coaches can start to doubt themselves. Our coaching can help your coaches feel more confident and sure of themselves and deal with external pressure effectively.


Relationships are difficult at the best of times but when you add competition into the mix, it’s a whole new ball game. You have to deal with the emotions of the athletes, your own emotions, as well as those of passionate parents. It’s no surprise that this can get extremely stressful.

Delivering news to parents that they don’t want to hear adds another dimension to this. If not handled appropriately it could risk the relationship between the club and parent, the coach and parent or even the athlete and coach.

After developing strong, long-standing relationships with athletes, coaches can find it difficult when those relationships come to an end. This could be for several reasons, including, injury, changing coach, changing sport or changing club.


Many coaches will treat the goals of their athletes as their own goals too. It’s extremely important that coaches have their own goals that are independent of the outcomes of their athletes.

Having goals independent of their athletes helps the coach avoid inadvertently adding pressure to an athlete and also allows the coach to focus on what it is that makes them a great coach.

We use the Mindspan 4×4 goal setting method to make sure goals are set which are in line with the Coache’s beliefs, desires and purpose.


We can work with you to create a bespoke mindset development plan for your coaches to make them more resilient, boost confidence and improve their relationships with your athletes and their parents. Your bespoke mindset development plan could be as simple as 6 x mindset coaching sessions or could be a blend of 1-2-1 coaching, small group workshops & large group talks.

Having a mindset development plan in place can help create a consistent and supportive culture and shows the world how much you as a club value your coaches.