Software Development Teams

As a software development manager, you know that creating a high-performing team is not easy. There are technical considerations, team culture, collaboration, and individuality to consider.

The key to unlocking your team’s potential is simple: focus on their wellbeing.

When your developers are healthy and happy, they can perform at their best and are less likely to move on.

Invest in their mental and physical health and watch your team flourish.

Let’s talk

Three ways I can help

Peak Performance Mind

Unlock the true performance potential of your team by introducing them to the peak performance mind programme.


Short on time? I can deliver Mindspan high-impact 2-hour workshops for your team based on competencies of the Mindspan Triad.

Developer Support

I can help support your developers as a mindset coach with over 20 years of software development experience.

Let’s talk about supporting your team’s wellbeing.