Wellbeing Health Check

At RD Coached, we know that your software team’s wellbeing is essential to your company’s success.

That’s why we take a radical approach to help you understand your team’s needs, and we won’t shy away from having difficult conversations if that’s what it takes to support them.

What sets us apart is that our Wellbeing Health Check is delivered by a software developer with over 20 years of experience.

We know the ins and outs of your industry, and we’re passionate about using our expertise to support your team’s wellbeing.

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Here’s how it works

Step 1 – Mindspan Competency Inventory

step 1 - Mindspan Competency Inventory

The first step of our Wellbeing Health Check involves the Mindspan Competency Inventory (MCI). Both the team manager and team members will complete this assessment to gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement across the 9 competencies of the Mindspan Triad:




This step alone empowers individuals to take ownership of their own wellbeing and make positive changes.

After the MCI, we move on to individual interviews.

Our experienced mindset coach, who is also a software development professional with over 20 years of experience, will have a 20-30 minute discussion with each team member, including the manager.

This is where we dive deeper into the MCI results and discuss any personal or professional factors that may be impacting their wellbeing. We’ll also discuss any ideas for improvements that could better support the team.

Step 2 – Individual Interviews

step 2 - individual interviews

Step 3 – Results and Analysis

wellbeing health check - step 3 - results and analysis

Individual team members receive their own MCI results, which we keep confidential.

Meanwhile, we compile an anonymous report for the manager that shows where the team, as a whole, stands across the 9 competencies of the Mindspan Triad.

We also extract common trends, themes, and suggestions from the individual interviews to give the manager a clear understanding of their team’s needs and concerns.

This step is essential for identifying potential problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

Finally, we present our recommendations for improving your team’s wellbeing and creating a healthier, happier workplace.

Our recommendations are tailored to your team’s specific needs and concerns and are designed to be practical and actionable.

With our help, you can create a supportive environment that encourages your team members to thrive both personally and professionally.

Step 4 – Recommendations

wellbeing health check - step 4 - recommendations