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Wellbeing for Software Developers

RD Coached is my vehicle to improve wellbeing for software developers within the software industry.

Mental and physical wellbeing is vastly overlooked in tech, and yet, it plays a huge role in our performance.

Whether it’s delivering the Mindspan Peak Performance Mind Programme to software development teams or working 1-2-1 coaching developers, I aim to make wellbeing a priority for companies and developers in the software industry.

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Software Development Teams

Creating a culture that encourages learning from failure, seeking feedback for improvement, and embracing collaboration will prove more productive and aid developer retention.

Explore how, as a mindset coach, I can help your software development team feel healthy, happy and supported.

Software Developers

Your wellbeing is your most important asset. When you’re healthy and happy, you’re also your most productive. Unfortunately, we often neglect our own wellbeing in favour of our work.

Learn how your thoughts impact your outcomes and build the foundation of a successful career in software development.