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At RD Coached we recognise the pitfalls that software developers face both in the workplace and out. We acknowledge the impacts on mental and physical wellbeing which in turn massively influence performance. This is so important for both businesses with software development teams and for the individual software developers too.

We advocate putting people before technology, embracing collaboration and creating a psychologically safe environment in which software developers feel comfortable being themselves. Consequently, they are far more likey to be happy, productive and enjoy their work. This often requires software developers to take some responsibility for their individual wellbeing as well as some team culture shifts too.

We can help with both!

Software Development Teams

Software development is a far more collaborative process than ever before which means your developers, as people first, are more important than they have ever been.

Creating a culture to allow your software development team to flourish is extremely important if you want them to be productive, to be happy and ultimately retain them.

This all starts with creating the right mindset to treat failure as learning, seek feedback for improvement and embrace people and collaboration – building self-belief, confidence and resilience in the process.

Software Developers

As a software developer, whether you’re a permanent employee or a contractor, you and your wellbeing, are your most prized asset.

Looking after your wellbeing should be your number one priority. If your wellbeing is compromised, I guarantee that you’re not performing at your best.

Making small changes to your habits and learning how your thoughts are impacting your outcomes are key to building self-belief, confidence and resilience – effectively, the backbone of your career.