Athletes are juggling the demands of elite sport alongside things such as education, relationships, family life and the idea of an uncertain future. It can be difficult to focus and prioritise with so much going on at once.

We can help you take control of the thing that matters most – your own thoughts.

Mindset Development for Athletes

Athletes, particularly young athletes, are facing more pressure to perform than ever before. Club coaches, parents, competitors and the athlete themselves all contribute, possibly without realising.

It’s important to understand that we all interpret things differently and our young athletes need support to process their thoughts and emotions appropriately.

Using the Mindspan Triad Framework, we’ve created ‘Program your SELF’ – a mindset coaching programme that can help athletes to navigate relationships positively, enable them to process failure and success constructively and set goals with the best possible chance of success.

How can ‘Program your SELF’ help athletes?


As an athlete, there is so much potential ahead but this also means that there is a lot of uncertainty too. This can lead to athletes introducing limiting beliefs

On the track, this may take the form of setting a time ceiling for themselves – “I’ll never break x seconds for 200m”.

A gymnast might simply label a move as out of reach – “Wow, I’ll never be able to do a Jaeger”. This can have real implications for the athlete’s development and their approach to their training.


How an athlete deals with winning and losing within their sport has a massive impact on their potential for success.

Developing a growth mindset can help athletes see their achievements as a stepping stone to greater things and stop them from getting carried away.

Learning to deal with losing is also extremely important. We can help athletes to look for the positives from their loss and view them as learning opportunities.


Goal setting plays a major role in the development of athletes in all sports. If done right, they can help with the athlete’s motivation and confidence.

Sometimes though, goal setting can backfire. We use the Mindspan 4×4 goal setting method to make sure goals are set which are in line with the athlete’s beliefs, desires and purpose.

It’s not always about getting a PB at your next event. Learning to zoom out and look at the bigger picture is essential.

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Tell me about the package

The ‘Program your SELF’ coaching package consists of 6 coaching sessions that will be a combination of education – based on the SELF Psychology section of the Mindspan Triad – and personal coaching to help you apply your newfound knowledge to your specific set of circumstances.

The package can be delivered weekly or bi-weekly – either face to face or online via Zoom or Teams.

What you’ll learn

The Thinking Cycle

Realise the link between your thinking, the way you feel, your subsequent behaviour and how this is impacting your outcomes in life.

Subconscious Mind

Discover the impact of your subconscious mind and how you can learn to program it to benefit you rather than hinder you.

Focus Theory

Learn what getting focused means, why your FOCUS and your teleological brain is so crucial to your performance and how to focus in ways that create success rather than failure.


Understand the limitations of your own beliefs, how they are formed and how they might be holding you back.

Self-Talk & Affirmations

Reveal the impact of your current self-talk and learn how to blast through your performance limits with high-quality psycho-linguistics.

Self-image &

Discover the 5 step approach to improve your self-image & self-esteem and become more assertive and more comfortable being you.

Choices & Decision Making

Delve into what’s driving your choices in life and gain clarity over your decision-making process.

Responsibility speak & Victim speak

Take back control by recognising responsibility speak, victim speak, and taking responsibility for your own thoughts, reactions and responses.

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