The Modern Software Developer Community

The Modern Software Developer Community

Join The Modern Software Developer Community and improve your mental and physical wellbeing with like-minded professionals.

KISSKeep It Simple Stupid

It doesn’t have to be complicated; keep it simple. With small changes to your habits, you can make a big difference.
As a qualified personal trainer, I can help you build a plan, whether you’re a complete beginner or you hit the gym regularly.

Get Active

More Energy

Improve your Nutrition

Better Focus

Get Accountability

Improved Performance

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Less than £1 per day

  • Track your workouts, body stats and measurements in the mobile app.
  • Calendar to show your workout plan.
  • Reminders for habit tracking.
  • Access to a selection of workouts
  • All Levels
  • Body weight or gym based.
  • Exercise Tutorial Videos.
  • Nutritional habits to follow and track.
  • List of foods that are rich in each macronutrient.
  • Recipe Ideas (50+ meals).
  • Bi-Weekly check-in forms.
  • Monthly Q&A and accountability call
  • Access to The Modern Software Developer Discord community

Wellbeing For Software Developers & Leaders