Program your SELF

At RD Coached we are licensed Mindspan Coaches and we’ve utilised the Mindspan methodology to bring you our ‘Program your SELF’ coaching package. 

Why should I work on my SELF?

It’s all too common to see highly intelligent individuals who don’t feel confident in their own skills. They struggle to articulate why they are valuable, struggle to take credit for their achievements and always look for external validation.

I’ve spent over 20 years working as a Software Developer and I’ve experienced self-doubt, a lack of self-belief, as well as confidence issues. The interesting thing about this was that most people around me didn’t see how I was feeling.

The problem is that when we don’t feel comfortable being ourselves, we can’t be fully effective in our careers and we sabotage our relationships. It’s hard to be a leader and exercise influence when you’re uncomfortable expressing your ideas and opinions. It’s hard to get people to like and trust you when you don’t like or trust yourself. By embracing who you really are, you can build stronger connections with yourself, your colleagues and your customers.

Our self-image is, without doubt, one of the most important factors in determining our behaviour. It’s also the biggest driver of our emotional state. If you have a negative self-image or poor self-esteem, you’ll likely experience feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and low self-confidence. Working on your self-image is about becoming aware of how you perceive yourself and then taking action to change that.

When I take on new clients, I work with them to identify what they’re really good at, discover who they really are and where they want to go. If they aren’t clear enough about what they want, I help them figure it out. We talk about how to be their best selves, and the steps they need to take to get there.

We are all a work in progress – no one is broken. You are not defined by your past and you can always improve your situation. Working on your SELF is just the start, it leads to far greater wellbeing and opens up your future to opportunity and optimism – if you let it.

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Tell me about the package

The ‘Program your SELF’ coaching package consists of 6 coaching sessions that will be a combination of education – based on the SELF Psychology section of the Mindspan Triad – and personal coaching to help you apply your newfound knowledge to your specific set of circumstances.

The package can be delivered weekly or bi-weekly – either face to face or online via Zoom or Teams.

What you’ll learn

The Thinking Cycle

Realise the link between your thinking, the way you feel, your subsequent behaviour and how this is impacting your outcomes in life.

Subconscious Mind

Discover the impact of your subconscious mind and how you can learn to program it to benefit you rather than hinder you.

Focus Theory

Learn what getting focused means, why your FOCUS and your teleological brain is so crucial to your performance and how to focus in ways that create success rather than failure.


Understand the limitations of your own beliefs, how they are formed and how they might be holding you back.

Self-Talk & Affirmations

Reveal the impact of your current self-talk and learn how to blast through your performance limits with high-quality psycho-linguistics.

Self-image &

Discover the 5 step approach to improve your self-image & self-esteem and become more assertive and more comfortable being you.

Choices & Decision Making

Delve into what’s driving your choices in life and gain clarity over your decision-making process.

Responsibility speak & Victim speak

Take back control by recognising responsibility speak, victim speak, and taking responsibility for your own thoughts, reactions and responses.

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How you’ll benefit

Improved Self-image & Confidence

Improved Relationships

More Optimistic & Ambitious

Become More Decisive

Reduced Feelings of Imposter Syndrome

More Resilient to Stress & Anxiety

Feel More in Control of Yourself & Life