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Your Personal Values

As software developers and leaders, our values drive our decisions and define our wellbeing and interactions with our team and the world around us. To facilitate this, I’ve created this Personal Values Selector tool.

These values act as your North Star, guiding decisions in your personal and professional life, enhancing your wellbeing, and fostering a purpose-driven approach to your career and your life. Discover the values that create your identity and help you feel more comfortable being you.

Choose Your Personal Values

Shuffle through the list of values, and when a word resonates, give it a click. Keep shuffling and clicking the words that resonate the most. When you’ve clicked the same word 3 times, it moves into your selected personal values.


*If other people use this computer and you don’t want them to see this information use the clear data button before you leave.

Your Personal Values

* Double-click a personal value to throw it back into the pool of values.

What Do Your Values Mean To You?

To help you determine if you’ve chosen the right personal values for you, have a go at articulating exactly what each one means to you and why it’s important.

During this process, you may feel a stronger pull towards your selected value, which is a good sign.
Or, you might realise there are other values that mean more to you, if so, throw back your selected value by double-clicking it above and choose another.

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