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Are Your Personal Beliefs Holding You Back
Or Propelling You Forward?

Your beliefs act as silent architects, constructing the framework of your thoughts, behaviours, and aspirations. They can either become barriers, hindering progress and self-realisation, or catalysts, propelling us towards growth and fulfilment.

Questioning these beliefs is an opportunity to evaluate whether your beliefs align with your aspirations and empower or limit you. By delving into this process, you gain insights needed to create positive narratives, enabling you to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and foster a mindset that propels you forward.

What Do You Believe About Yourself…?

Take a look at the suggestions below, they complete one of two sentences: I AM… or I OFTEN…
When you believe a suggestion applies to you, click it 3 times and it will be added to the “Your Beliefs About You” section.
Alternatively, you can shuffle through more suggestions and click a suggestion 3 times across multiple shuffles.


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Your Beliefs About Yourself

* Double-click a suggestion to throw it back into the pool of beliefs.

I am…

I often…

How Do Your Beliefs Influence You?

Identifying what you believe about yourself is super important, but it’s only half the battle.

What’s even more important is recognising their impact and influence on you.

For each belief, write a paragraph about how that belief influences you positively and also how it might be holding you back. Be honest with yourself and seek feedback if you’re unsure.

I am…

I often…

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