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Latest Newsletter Issues

  • Issue 14 – Getting into software development
    Welcome back to The Modern Software Developer. This month’s issue was inspired by the multiple requests I’ve been getting on LinkedIn from new interns or developers looking for their first role and asking for advice.So the focus of this issue is, “Getting Into Software Development”.
  • Issue 13 – Software Developers – Your Wellbeing
    Welcome back to The Modern Software Developer. In this month’s issue, I’m taking things back to basics and simply talking about your wellbeing and how it might be impacted by working in software development. Additionally, I’ve asked two questions of my software developer community regarding their wellbeing and I share their wisdom below.
  • Issue 12 – Software Developers – What Do You Really Want?
    In this month’s issue, I’m talking about taking a step back, building awareness about what your day-to-day looks like and comparing it to how you’d like it to be… I’m asking the $64,000 question, “What do you really want?”.
  • Issue 11 – How to Beat Imposter Syndrome
    This is the final part of my mini-series on Imposter syndrome and we’ll be talking about how to beat imposter syndrome.
  • Issue 10 – My Imposter Syndrome Story
    This is the third part of my mini-series on Imposter syndrome. In this issue, we discover the very real impacts of imposter syndrome on software developers by weaving through my imposter syndrome story.
  • Issue 9 – Peeling Back the Layers: 5 Key Influences Behind Imposter Syndrome
    In this issue, we peel back the layers and discuss 5 key influences behind Imposter Syndrome and how it could be getting worse…
  • Issue 8 – Is it really Imposter Syndrome?
    Many people were unfamiliar with imposter syndrome until relatively recently, but now it’s all over social media. Most of what is written is well-intentioned, much of it is useful, and some of it is misguided…
  • Issue 7 – Taking responsibility: From personal growth to professional success
    In this month’s issue, I’m going to talk about how taking responsibility can give you power and control and can lead to personal growth and professional success.
  • Issue 6 – Misunderstanding Focus
    In this issue, we explore how more and more developers are misunderstanding FOCUS, how it’s more than just concentrating on the task at hand, and how it plays a role in our approach to many different situations within software development.
  • Issue 5 – Pair Programming is more about people than coding
    In this issue, we discuss how pair programming is more about people than coding…
  • Issue 4 – You might regret not getting enough Sleep
    In this issue, I want to talk about how as a developer, you might regret not getting enough sleep and how it might not be the best idea to code into the night, even if it seems like the done thing.
  • Issue 3 – Are your Beliefs holding you back?
     In this issue, I want to think about the question; Are your beliefs holding you back? Do you know what they are, where they come from and how they can influence you as a software developer or software development leader?