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I’ll share my experience as a Mindset coach for software developers and show you how the way you think plays a huge role in your performance and how it can help your mental wellbeing.

I’ll share my experience as a Personal Trainor and Online Fitness Coach to help you get the best out of your physical wellbeing too.

Latest Newsletter Issues

  • Issue 3 – Beliefs
    In this issue, I want to touch on your belief, what is it? Where does it come from? And how can it influence you as a software developer or software development leader?
  • Issue 2 – Hydration
    Now granted, improving your hydration probably isn’t going to take your career to the next level, not in isolation anyway, but we can certainly see it as a performance optimisation, and an easy-to-implement one at that.
  • Issue 1 – Self-Awareness
    When it comes to your physical wellbeing, what you put in your body from a nutritional standpoint is important if you want to feel good. But even before you consider making changes to what you eat, you can start building a habit to start to control how much you eat.