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With over two decades of experience in software development, from junior developer to team lead and software architect for a global FTSE 100 company, I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. As a mindset coach for software developers, I will show you how the way you think can impact your performance and mental wellbeing. Plus, as a personal trainer and online fitness coach, I will provide tips and guidance to help you take care of your physical health.

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Latest Newsletter Issues

  • Issue 7 – Taking responsibility: From personal growth to professional success
    In this month’s issue, I’m going to talk about how taking responsibility can give you power and control and can lead to personal growth and professional success.
  • Issue 6 – Misunderstanding Focus
    In this issue, we explore the importance of FOCUS, how it’s more than just concentrating on the task at hand and how it plays a role in our approach to many different situations within software development.
  • Issue 5 – Pair Programming is more about people than coding
    In this issue, we get a bit more technical as I share what I think about pair programming. But remember, we are looking at this not just from a programming point of view but from a mindset and wellbeing perspective too.
  • Issue 4 – Developers: you might regret not getting enough Sleep
    In my experience, many software developers are prone to late nights. It might be late-night coding for work, catching up on the latest tech or it might just be an escape into the gaming world.
  • Issue 3 – Are your Beliefs holding you back?
    In this issue, I want to touch on your belief, what is it? Where does it come from? And how can it influence you as a software developer or software development leader?
  • Issue 2 – Hydration can really make a difference
    Now granted, improving your hydration probably isn’t going to take your career to the next level, not in isolation anyway, but we can certainly see it as a performance optimisation, and an easy-to-implement one at that.
  • Issue 1 – Self-Awareness is a superpower
    When it comes to your physical wellbeing, what you put in your body from a nutritional standpoint is important if you want to feel good. But even before you consider making changes to what you eat, you can start building a habit to start to control how much you eat.