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Focus – Pomodoro

In the fast-paced world of software development, maintaining focus and managing time effectively is pivotal. I’ve benefitted from using the Pomodoro technique in the past, so I decided to build this tool so you can benefit from something similar.

Using this tool provides a structured framework, ensuring you allocate concentrated periods to your tasks while allowing for short, well-deserved breaks to recharge.

It’s time to Focus.

The Pomodoro Technique not only enhances productivity but also reduces burnout and stress. By harnessing this method, you can streamline your work, eliminate distractions, and make substantial progress with every session. You’ll be more productive and also be capable of delivering high-quality results efficiently.

Choose Your Focus Time:
Choose Your Break Time:

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Lets build a focus session

Here’s how to make the most of this tool:

  • Customize Your Session:
    • For each task, you can set a duration for your focus time and a duration for your break time.
    • You can also select different background music for focus and break times, which can be changed during the session too.
  • Add your tasks:
    • Type your task in the input field.
    • Click “Add Task” to include it in your session.
    • This will add your task with the specified duration as well as a break.
    • Add multiple tasks if you wish.

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