Mindset Coaching

As a software developer, it’s not uncommon to face tight deadlines, difficult clients, and a constant need to problem-solve, innovate and educate yourself.

Then you’ve got burnout and imposter syndrome to battle with. The job’s demands can take a toll on your mental & physical wellbeing. What if you could improve your mental & physical wellbeing, and enhance your performance as a software developer?

That’s where mindset coaching comes in.

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How you’ll benefit



More Optimistic & Ambitious

More Decisive & Confident

Reduced Feelings of
Imposter Syndrome

More Resilient to
Stress & Anxiety

Feel More in Control
of Yourself & Life

How am I different from other mindset coaches?

I have over two decades of software development experience, that’s how.

I know all about the demands of the job and the unhelpful stereotypes we get branded with. I’ve been there, done it, thought the thoughts and felt the subsequent feelings… This enables me to help you better integrate your personal and professional life.

With mindset coaching, you’ll understand yourself better than ever, which can help you deal with burnout more effectively and empower you to manage feelings of imposter syndrome too.

But that’s not all; mindset coaching helps you stand out by highlighting your positivity, resilience and even leadership. Your employer will see that you take responsibility for your wellbeing and that you can effectively collaborate with a team and positively influence team members.

You’re more than JUST a developer.

People are more important than code; developers that get this go to another level.