Development Team Support

The performance of your team members will go through peaks and troughs as they navigate integrating their personal and professional lives.

It’s not easy to recognise when someone needs a little more help, especially with deadlines looming, and they won’t always ask for it.

I can be that support to your development team as a mindset coach with over 20 years of software development experience

Let’s talk

Supporting your developers

A confidence

Support & Encouragement


A hit of Focus
& Belief

As a mindset coach supporting your development team, I can offer a safe and confidential space for them to work on themselves without judgement. And because of my vast software development experience I can help them navigate all aspects of the role, from communicating with business analysts and product owners to software development leadership.

You might think your team don’t NEED this support, but the best time to support your developers is BEFORE they NEED it…

Who can benefit?

I’m a new starter

“Starting a new role can be quite stressful and anxiety-inducing; I’d love some extra support to help me find my feet and get started in my new role with the right mindset.”

I’m just struggling a bit

“I’m just struggling a bit, my confidence has taken a hit and my personal life hasn’t been great. I’d love some extra support to build my confidence and get back on track.”

I want to improve

“I’m performing well in my role, but I’d love some extra support to improve my mindset. I think I could contribute even more and I want to improve myself and those around me.”

How your business
will benefit

Team Culture

Improved Retention
of Developers



How your team members
will benefit


Be Healthier
& Happier

Be more Focused
& Decisive

Be more Confident
& Resilient

Let’s talk about supporting your team’s wellbeing.